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Fall In Love with Taking Care of yourself in Mind, Body & Spirit.

Meet Heather

The Founder of Well Rounded Health

Heather's passion for her work and expertise in the wellness field is comprised of a diverse background spanning 20+ years. Heather's drive and desire are the primary factors in providing positive change for her clients. Heather's love of wellness began at

a young age with participation in organized sports and continued to build through her field of study in Exercise Science at the collegiate level.  This evolved into the fitness industry which consisted of leading group classes, personal training and management. A slight shift into the spa industry involved licensed technician roles and operations. The full circle is bringing it all together with the completion of her Masters Degree and Certification as a Health and Wellness Coach. Heather's goal is to help you achieve more than you believe is possible and she knows she has what it takes to do just that. Heather would love the opportunity to work with you and looks forward to speaking in detail about your specific needs.

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